Play Online Craps on Canadian Casinos

Play Online Craps on Canadian Casinos

Mastering Craps online

Craps is one of the table games you come across at most land-based casinos. With countless wager possibilities, the game has too many intricacies to grasp. It takes dedication and time to understand and master. If you have had any experience with the Craps casino game in the real gambling establishment, you will find it easier to master its online version. It is also one of the games you won’t find as popular as other table games like Roulette or card games like Poker, whether it is an offline casino or online. For this reason, it may not be available at all your favourite online casinos. However, there are many Craps fans around the world. Given the complexity of the game, it is highly advisable to try free online Craps as much as possible until a proper grasp is developed before a real money game is attempted. 

How to play Craps online

Before starting your free Craps online game, it is good to know some basics. Craps is played using the specially designed Craps board with all necessary markings on it. There are specific areas designated on the board for different bets to be placed, such as Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, Field, and so on. The first game is placed by placing the bet on the Pass line. The game proceeds using a pair of dice. The rules are the same whether you play Craps for free or for real money. The basic game can be simply explained as follows:

  • Players bet by placing chips on the Pass line seen near the outer area of the board. 
  • A pair of dice is rolled, which is called the ‘Come out’ roll.
  • The bet is won if the output is a 7 or 11. For 2, 3, and 12, the bet is lost.
  • If it is any number from among the remaining, i.e., 4,5,6,8,9,10, it is considered the ‘Point’.
  • If ‘Point’ is the result, the dice-roll is repeated until the same Point number turns up again. In that case, the bet receives even money. 
  • In case, if 7 appears again before you get the Point number, the bet is lost.
Craps Live Online Game Screenshot
Online play real-time Canadian craps photo.

The above description is for the primary casino Craps game. Similarly, there are numerous betting structures and games possible with the Craps board.

Where to play free Craps online?

Though you cannot see craps in many casinos online, there are still specific Craps casino options that provide you with the game to play for real money as well as for free. Some of the online casinos and casino-related websites in Canada where you can play Craps are listed below.

  • PlayAmo Casino
  • Betsson Casino
  • Royal Panda
  • Hex Online Casino

How to play Craps without using dice

Some varieties of Craps use cards instead of dice. A prevalent type is Agua Caliente. Two sets of 6 cards each from A to 6 are used from two separate decks of different colours at the back. After shuffling the twelve cards together, one from each colour is picked. It is equivalent to the rolling of the dice. The values of the two cards are added, and the result considered comparable to what you get by adding two dice’s face values. Other rules are the same as in usual Craps.


What is Pass and Don't Pass in a Craps game?
What is the House edge for the game of Craps?
Is there any difference in the dice rolling in a Craps online free game compared to offline Craps games?

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What is Pass and Don't Pass in a Craps game?
Pass and Don't Pass are two opposite betting structures in a Craps game. When you make a Pass bet, it means you will win when the dice rolled meet the intended positive result. On the other hand, if you place a Don't Pass bet, you win when the dice-roller fails to meet the positive outcome. 
What is the House edge for the game of Craps?
Different house edge values apply for different types of bets. However, for the most common bets, namely, Pass and Don't Pass, the House edge values are 1.41% and 1.36% respectively. It remains the same, whether it is a real money game or a free Craps game.
Is there any difference in the dice rolling in a Craps online free game compared to offline Craps games?
The online dice roll is a virtual, simulated one working on a Random Number Generator (RNG) program, and hence the result is fairer in its randomness. On the other hand, the physical dice may have minor imperfections or wear and tear, which can influence its movements.